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A new range of exciting materials has now become available in a range of colours and designs that is all but limitless. Manufacturers began by finding an alternative for Ivory - which was, of course, used for a large variety of decorative and functional purposes. Following on the success of “alternative ivory” other substances evolved - alternative bone, horn, tortoiseshell, briar. Soon to follow were alternative semi- precious minerals - amber, coral, lapis, malachite, onyx, marble, jade. Later followed the animal skins - tiger, ocelot, cheetah, leopard and snow leopard. Finally came a range of abstracts in gold, silver and every colour of the rainbow. The basis for these alternatives is cast polyester resin, an ideal material for the creation of replicas of the substances now in such short supply from which to make boxes and pens.

Boxes can be made to order in virtually any shape and in virtually any material, provided it is available.

All items can be signed and are predicted to be the collectibles of the future.

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I am a member of the AWGB and Tudor Rose Woodturners.

I would recommend all turners to belong to a local club, where they will meet fellow turners and have the opportunity to gain much useful information.

Attend all shows possible where you will find opportunities in abundance to acquire useful information and tools.

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